Tewkesbury u10s vs Evesham

On sunday 26th oct on a dull and windy morning tewkesbury played host to an evesham team.

Tewkesbury with a reduced sqaud of 13 players and evesham with around the same number, as normal the squad trained hard for an hour before the first kick off.

In the first game evesham raced to a 4 try half time lead with some excellent use of space and good passing HT  0/20.

The second half saw tewkesbury fight back with some faught break down play,and trys from Ruben,and ollie running free for another, with evesham adding a late score of there own.FT 10/25.

The second match saw evesham again take an early 3 try lead in the first half, with tewkesbury responding with 2 breakaway trys from ollie.HT 10/15.  The second half was a hard faught  with excellent break down play from both teams,evesham again used the space well and scored 3 more late trys  to run out winners.FT 10/30

Tewkesbury under 10s vs Longlevens

On the 12th of Oct Tewkesbury under 10’s played host to Longlevens, on a foggy and cold morning.  Tewkesbury with a large sqaud of 22 players, Longlevens also with a large team.

After an hour of training drills both teams were ready to play. All of the games were made up of excellent open play, some hard break down play and some great tackling from both teams. After three and a half games of very evenley  matched rugby from both sides the scores were as followed.

  • game 1 tewkesbury black vs longlevens 1
  • 0/0. ht            5/0. ft         callum.
  • game2 tewkesbury gold vs longlevens 2
  • 0/10. ht            5/10. ft        ruben
  • game 3 tewkesbury glack vs longlevens 3
  • 5/o. ht   aaron        5/5. ft
  • game 3 tewkesbury gold vs longlevens4
  • 0/15. ft

Malvern V Under 10’s

On Sunday 5th Oct Tewkesbury  U10’s made the trip to Malvern.

On a cold but sunny morning,with a squad of 21 players.

Malvern managed a squad of around 14, which lead to a 3 team format of 8 a side.

Malvern, Tewkesbury Gold and Tewkesbury Black, after being put through a hard hour of training the games played out as followed.

Game 1


Lucas and Jake both scored trys in the first half for Tewkesbury, this was halved when Malvern scored. HT 5/10.

The second half was hard fought with Malvern adding one more try,but Tewkesbury adding two more from James and Jake making the final score. FT 10/20 to Tewkesbury

Game 2


The second game was a grudge match,after a even first half the only differance was one try scored by Aaron. The second half was just as close but trys from Ollie and Harry saw Tewkesbury black winning . FT 0/15.

Game 3


A free scoring match with two trys each from Ollie and Connor and trys from Callum and William seeing Tewkesbury black take a 30/15 ht lead. Callum added another, and dispite two Malvern trys Tewkesbury black ran out FT 25/35 winners