On the 12th of Oct Tewkesbury under 10’s played host to Longlevens, on a foggy and cold morning.  Tewkesbury with a large sqaud of 22 players, Longlevens also with a large team.

After an hour of training drills both teams were ready to play. All of the games were made up of excellent open play, some hard break down play and some great tackling from both teams. After three and a half games of very evenley  matched rugby from both sides the scores were as followed.

  • game 1 tewkesbury black vs longlevens 1
  • 0/0. ht            5/0. ft         callum.
  • game2 tewkesbury gold vs longlevens 2
  • 0/10. ht            5/10. ft        ruben
  • game 3 tewkesbury glack vs longlevens 3
  • 5/o. ht   aaron        5/5. ft
  • game 3 tewkesbury gold vs longlevens4
  • 0/15. ft
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