Tewkesbury hosted a very strong Old pats team on a cold wet muddy morning and with several players out this was going to be hard , but a great chance for some players to step up and show what they could do .

first period .

Tewkesbury decided to receive from kick off , from the off the lads laboured to secure the ball and when they did the backs where slow to move the ball down the line playing more as individuals then as the usual team they are . how ever they managed to cross the line twice in this period to win it 10-0 . not alot more to say really , hopefully next period they’d wake up .

2nd period .

Tewkesbury kicked off and from the off came under pressure from a very well drilled Old pats team , Tewkesbury did not help them selves thou by missing tackles and not competing at the break downs letting the Old pats team boss them around the park . Old pats pressure paid off with them crossing the line twice with some great moves and great driving work by the forwards . Tewkesbury then woke up slightly to start to pressure the Old pats team creating some space for them to evenually cross the line to end the game 10-5 Old pats .

3rd period .

Tewkesbury kicked off for this period and went at the Old pats team but for some reason could not find there form . they did pressure enough for them to cross the line , but with time going on fatigue kicking in and an all round lack of passion and desire the Old pats team came in to the game to tie with a nice try of there own period ended 5-5 .

4th period .

Tewkesbury received the ball but under pressure and lacking the passion to push on turned the ball over for Old pats to rumble up the pitch and score the opening try . Tewkesbury then dug deep and the game became an arm wrestle . but with time getting on and Tewkesbury wilting like a daisy in an heat wave Old pats ran in another try . period ended 10-0 Old pats .

Tewkesbury’s players came down from the dizzy heights with a bang today has the Old pats team showed them that you cant just turn up and expect to win you have to do the ground work , hard work , and give 100% always . passion , pride , willing to put your body on the line and the desire to win every thing from the break downs to the game . Well done to the Old pats team great game great out come . Tewkesbury’s lesson learned we move on and grow stronger heads up lads just a bad day at the office 🙂

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