Tewkesbury tigers under 12’s vs Chosen hill under 12’s
On a dry but very cold morning Tewkesbury hosted a chosen hill side . Unfortunately Chosen hill could not field a full side but the Tewkesbury’s players stepped up to help them out and did the club proud .

1st period
Tewkesbury received the ball from kick off and set out to rectify there previous poor preformances and mistakes . They did this as the forwards won most ball in the loose and set pieces , this enabled the backs to shift the ball out wide and pressure chosen . Tewkesbury managed 2 tries this period with 1 converted and 1 falling short . period ended 12-0 .

2nd period
Tewkesbury rotated there players and 3 more took there stint with Chosen hill . Again the Tewkesbury players went at the Chosen hill players with a bit of passion and aggression creating some great play and starting to look there old selves . Again Tewkesbury crossed the line 2 more times and again 1 was converted and 1 was just missed this period ended 12-0 again .

3rd period
Tewkesbury again swapped there players around , but this did not slow them down as the forwards and backs started to play with confidence and for once smiled whilst playing . Good to see . This time though Chosen hill Dug deep and defended very well to keep Tewkesbury out for most of the game , but Tewkesbury’s pressure paid off eventually allowing them to go over for an unconverted try period ended 5-0 .

4th period
More changes but this did not stop Tewkesbury enjoying the game how ever Chosen hill with the aid of some Tewkesbury players ( and ginger marks refing lol) rumbled up the field to go under the posts for a converted try . Tewkesbury then started to move the ball around and with time running out went over for a converted try of there own period ended 7-7 .

I’d like to thank Chosen hills players and coaches , there a credit to rugby and Gloucestershire has there heads never dropped and every single one of them never gave up . Well done lads .

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