Again is the time in the season that the county cup is played. Weather forecast Rubbish rain, wind, hail, snow, lol nothing new.
Tewkesbury turned up as arrogant as ever with both players and coaches knowing that we would at least make the quarter finals but believing that this again was our year to lift the trophy.

Tewkesbury vs Frampton Cotteral.
Tewkesbury chose to play up hill to start and from the off pressured Frampton. Knowing we had to start off with a bang we did so with Charlie controlling the play and the forwards providing a great platform for him he weaved his magic creating space for the backs, after a great move down the line Peachy circled around the back exploiting the space out wide and using his pace to score in the corner. From kick off Tewkesbury ran at Frampton and again the forwards did the business and gave Charlie another chance, again he popped the ball down the line for Brendan to go through at pace creating space for Peachy to cross the line again for his second. Now Tewkesbury relaxed and from a great move in the centers, a scissor, Charlie to Sean, turn of pace from Sean unusual lol and another try well done lads, half over.
2nd period.
Tewkesbury now in control lost their shape a little and did start to think they could run in tries as individuals not good even if we did cross the line 3 more times just for the ref to dis-allow them all, even if at least two were fine. But never mind live and learn.

Tewkesbury vs Ross.
Not bitter and twisted about the Ross coach refing our last game and not awarding tries Tewkesbury set about rectifying the matter. From the off though Ross set about us pressuring us and pushing us down the field. But after soaking up the pressure Tewkesbury broke out and with ball in hand gave the ball to Henry out wide who used his size and strength to go over in the corner to make the half 5-0 Tewkesbury.
2nd period.
Tewkesbury woke up in the second period and started to play as a team and from a great drive by the forwards Mason broke away and from screams off his dad to pass cut inside out stepped the defence to cross the line for a lovely try. Again from the off Tewkesbury ran at Ross with vigor, determination and out right aggression for Brendan to find his self in space and again do what he does best cross the line for an impressive try. Tewkesbury again from the off pushed Ross down the field only to be awarded a penalty 5 yards out, penalty move called and boy oh boy dint it work well big Joe crossed the line while Ross scratched there heads. Great game pool now in our hands, plus still no tries conceded. Happy days!

Tewkesbury vs Minchinhampton.
Big game big players big team big test. Oh well no panic our boys where up for it . Minchinhampton put in the big boys and Tewkesbury repelled them every time then turning the ball over for again Charlie to mount a backs attack and put Peachy in again, now with the backs playing great and the forwards pressuring and competing every break down Tewkesbury opened up again and Charlie linked up with Henry for him to cross the line again. 10-0 half time .
2nd period.
Again Tewkesbury played out of there skins pressuring Minchinhampton at every opportunity but again the ref ping us time after time dis-allowing another 2 tries starting to think he does not like us lol but hay ho it happens. Good thing is again we kept a clean sheet.

Tewkesbury vs Cheltenham North.
Relax chill we were through not that the lads needed to know, so business as always and time to turn on the charm. All hands on deck first Peachy then Henry crossed the line wave after wave of Tewkesbury attacking, Cheltenham defended with passion and competed for every thing it was just that Tewkesbury where to strong 10-0 half time.
2nd period.
Tewkesbury started has they finished with Peachy running in another try the 5th of the tournament, 15-0. The forwards now took over with a penalty move called again 10 yards out and again Tewkesbury making the most of it with Sam calving his way through Cheltenhams defence. From the off Tewkesbury forced the ball down the field with great inter play, this resulted in a scrum and with Charlie calling a move we had practised coming off lovely, back inside to Sam for him to cross the line again 25-0 full time and again our defence held out.

Quarter Final – Tewkesbury vs Clifton.
Very big game against probably the second best team in the tournament after us of course. Taking nothing away from the game very physical very competitive very close, backwards and forwards up and down the field till eventually Charlie spotted space out wide to put in a great kick for Peachy to chase down and force Clifton into a mistake and cross the line 5-0 and half time.
2nd period.
Under great pressure from the off Tewkesbury rode there luck, tackled defended pressured Clifton, but wave after wave of attack came from the Clifton team only for Tewkesbury to concede a try 5-5, tense but under great pressure Tewkesbury held out all the players stood up to what was a great game and a great performance. Well done!

As the quarter final game was a draw, the outcome was decided counting back the trys in the pool games and with Tewkesbury not conceding any and scoring lots we are now through to Finals day late rin the season.

All the players had a great day from the starting line to the subs who to be fair played more of a part than they realised . Love to say well done to the lads from the coaches after again making the finals day again. This is becoming an habit that i could get used to 😉
I’d also like to mention Brian aka ginger Mark just to make him happy lol thanks Bri and you Big Mark and Dave .

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