Tewkesbury tigers under 10’s , split their squad into two very strong teams and set off in different directions . One team went over to play Widden and the other went over to meet and play Malvern.
Widden 15 – 25 Tewkesbury
The team started very strong against a strong looking Widden side , the team played very well and as the coaches looked on started to show them that after all they had taken on board what the coaches had trained them to do and had taken on board the new rules. Strong running with great support at every break down saw Tewkesbury run in 2 quick tries . Fair play to Widden who came back with a well worked try of their own but before half time Tewkesbury had gone over again to make it 15 – 5 . The second half saw much of the same Tewkesbury attacking and defending with an up beat tempo , this created space as Tewkesbury secured there ball then passed it down the line to the supporting players to run in 2 more tries . Once again Widden came back to grab a good try of there own , the game ended when one of the Tewkesbury players crossed the line only for the try to be ruled out for a dodgy knock on.
Widden 10 – 20 Tewkesbury
Once again Tewkesbury came out with guns a blazing and once again forced Widden back. The game went much as the first game with Tewkesbury running in 3 un-answered tries before half time . The second half saw Tewkesbury start to tire and fall off tackles , Widden took advantage of this and ran in a couple of tries but Tewkesbury did rally around and pull a try out of the bag to dis-hearten the Widden team and kill off the game.
Well done to the boys and girl who travelled to Widden they played great and did the club proud.

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