Tewkesbury tigers hosted a large looking Newent side today at The Moats after a wet start to the second half of the season. This was there chance to start building towards there county cup finals day challenge and for the other kids to step up and show off their talents to the coaches.


Tewkesbury Siberians 10 vs 5 Newent

Tewkesbury lost the toss and Newent opted to kick off, from the off Newent set out there stall and showed there intent has they sent in there big guys. Tewkesbury scrambled well and drove them back but time after time Newent came at them, but with some great attacking from both sides and great defence at the same time both teams competed well , but as time went on Newent got the upper hand and shipped the ball out wide to score the opening try . This how ever gave Tewkesbury a new focus and from the off started to pressure the Newent players only for Miles Rendell to grab the ball and find a gap to go over and equalise . The rest of the half saw both teams put 100% in, credit to the Tewkesbury players who now started to go at the Newent team with loads of aggression.

Second half saw both sides compete well but time after time the Tewkesbury players put their bodies on the line and drive Newent back, Newent on the other hand thou throw themselves at Tewkesbury to stop them going over for several tries. With time running out Newent where driven over their own try line only for Joe to rip the ball and drop to his knees and score the winner. Well done to all the players but the stand out kids were Dan Vine who tackled well, Harvey Maycock who drove over the ball great and carried brill Sam Carter, William Healley, Miles Rendell, Mason Rendell and Alexander who ran and passed the ball. Well done to all!


Tewkesbury Bengals 40 vs 0 Newent

Tewkesbury Bengals had just watched their team mates play out of their skins and scrape a win, time to shine and show Newent what they could do. From the off Tewkesbury went at Newent giving them no time to settle and show them that this was their turf. Great driving with some good ripping saw the ball in big Joe Goodridge’s hands and off he went on one off his juganaught runs to score the opening try. Newent started and again Tewkesbury drove them back via Sam Williams and Sean Collins only for Ellis to rip the ball and pop it to Charlie Kendrick and with a show and go beat the first defender to look out wide for his speedster Brendon Lewellyn who then out paced every one to score the second try, again Newent sent in the big guns from the restart and once again Tewkesbury stood solid, this time Ellis Todd popped the ball to Charlie Kendrick and he went down the blind side a show and go, a dummy another dummy then just pace straight and true, try scored . Next Sam Williams got hold of the ball off the ever present Charlie Kendrick to cut back against the Newent defence another try scored, Tewkesbury where now in full flow next up was Ellis Todd to get into the act and add his name to the score sheet, the forwards drove over the ball only for Ellis to grab his chance a pick up from the base a duck and a dive saw a gap open, try scored again and the end of the first half.

Tewkesbury started and from the off drove in hard ball won shipped out wide good quick hands Sean Collins on the ball a missed tackle or two and over he went for a great try, Newent where now on the back foot and flagging, from the off they shipped the ball around but only for Tewkesbury to time after time tackle them and drive them back, ball won passed down the line Brendon Llewellyn on the ball a side step a shimmy, the Newent player showed him the outside and Brendon took it try scored and that ended the match early 8 tries scored. All the Bengals played well and showed great spirit and team work well done.


I’d also like to say Newent were a great side and showed some good play, they stuck at it well and could have scored in the second game if they’d not come across a Tewkesbury team in great form and all fired up. Well done and thank you .

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