Tewkesbury tigers under 10’s hosted another local rival Evesham. This team always puts on a great display and makes for a tough challenge.

Tewkesbury bengals 20-0 Evesham
Tewkesbury won the toss and opted to kick off on this lovely bright morning and as always set there stall out early on by direct running and aggressive defending. The first few minuets where a great arm wrestle between the teams as they both tried to get the upper hand on each other, but Tewkesbury took there chances better and shipped the ball down the line to find there speedster Brendon who with a lot of work to do still rounded a couple of Evesham’s players tight to the line to go over for a try. Evesham from kick off sent there big guns in only to be drove back by Tewkesbury who once again moved the ball down the line driving forward and popping the ball around moving the Evesham players around the field to make room for henry to find a gap and out pace the opposition to score Tewkesbury’s 2nd. Again Evesham came at Tewkesbury but again Tewkesbury defended with all there might and won a great ball for Sean to go over the line for there 3rd. Big Joe finished off Evesham with a mighty run to bully his way over Evesham’s line and finish off the game.

Tewkesbury siberians 0-20 Evesham
Tewkesbury fielded a good side in this contest but could not continue there form from last week as an aggressive well drilled Evesham team pressed Tewkesbury into mistake after mistake and with Tewkesbury in a bit of confusion and shell shock ran in 4 tries to win the game, Tewkesbury fell off to many tackles and got isolated to many times but showed great grit and determination in this game.

Tewkesbury siberians 0-25 Evesham
Tewkesbury fielded the same side to play the next game but could not step up there game even with the senior players putting in great individual displays and this was the problem as Evesham imposed them selves in this game the senior players got more frustrated and tried to do to much on there own and forgot the basics but this is a learning curve for them and hopefully will come back stronger. All players can hold there heads up high well done .

Tewkesbury bengals 20-0 Evesham
Tewkesbury after watching there team mates lose to Evesham where in no mood to follow them and wanted to even the the score and they did. Time after time Evesham came at them with no avail . But on the other hand every time Tewkesbury had the ball they looked like scoring and with Charlie running the show and directing his troops and big Joe driving forward Tewkesbury wore Evesham out. Brendon ran in 2 lovely tries turning the opposition in and out with Jack diving on a loose ball to score his try and big Joe powering over again to add to his tally. Well done to the bengals for shutting out Evesham and keeping a clean sheet on both games .

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