teamWe had a great day away at Cirencester, all the boys worked really hard, putting in some fantastic big tackles. Team spirit was really high despite loosing 3 of the pool matches and drawing the fourth match against Cirencester.

jamie Man of the match for the first game which was against Thornbury was Jamie, who really stood out making tackle after tackle consistently.
In the second game against Cheltenham the team spirit seemed to drop and game play suffered as a result, no one stood out and consequently there was not a Man of the Match.
archie In the third game against Chosen Hill, Archie was chosen as Man of the Match he put in some huge hard hitting tackles.
max The last of the four pool games was against Cirencester Flames, Man of the Match for this game was Max, his vision and pace allowed him to score two trys.

Ben’s dad Gareth went one better than bringing the kitchen sink with him, he decided to bring the stove!

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