TigersNewsTewkesbury tigers under 10’s travelled away to meet a team they’d not come across before and without three influential players which included the twins Miles and Mason (who were away on international duties helping Ireland out and showing them how to play).


Tewkesbury 35 – 0 Newent

Tewkesbury fielded a good side to start; this hopefully would soften the Newent team up for the next Tewkesbury side and see what there made off. Tewkesbury from the off sent in there big forwards Joe G an co only for Newent to shy away from making the tackle and Joe to bullock his way over for an early try . This however wasn’t what Tewkesbury needed as they then started to play more as individuals than as they usually do as a team. From the kick off Newent ran at Tewkesbury but where repelled back and as Tewkesbury drove over the ball they shipped it to Joe G again who drove to the line only to be held up but throw his stubbornness would not give up and eventually got over the line to score again. The game was played out the same Newent ran at Tewkesbury only to be repelled back, Tewkesbury did however through Charlie K play some good rugby with a show and go and even a switch or two making space for Brendon l to use his speed and his lovely step to score four tries. As the game went on henry e rounded off the score with a try in the corner.


Tewkesbury 0 – 25 Newent

Tewkesbury put out a new team but early mistakes and some sloppy tackling gave Newent the upper hand and has the game went Newent grow in confidence and Tewkesbury lost there’s. Newent ran in five tries as Tewkesbury faded . Dan l and Harvey m lead from the front with Dan l tackling his heart out and Harvey m making some great runs throw the heart of the Newent defence. The team just lacked a leader to step up and take control but the kids tried their hearts out well done.


Tewkesbury 15-5 Newent

This was a short game as Newent fielded a small squad and after the last defeat wanted to settle the score . Once again they started by sending in the big lads but this time they moved the ball around the pitch but with Newent having their heads up still from the last game did not find it easy . Henry e managed to find himself in amongst the backs a couple of times to run in two tries . But Newent responded well and with henry doing well going forward found himself wanting on this occasion and fell off the tackle to let Newent score a try of their own . This how ever gave Tewkesbury a kick up the arse and with the players driving forward made space for Joe G to cross the line twice only for one to count and one to be ruled out(held up).


Tewkesbury 0-15 Newent

Tewkesbury put on a new team again but once again players fell off to many tackles to compete and did not support each other well enough to stop Newent from running in three tries and ending the encounter on a winning note.


All the kids from both clubs played well and showed some good aggressive running.

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