Tewkesbury tigers under 10’s set off on an early wintery cold Sunday morning to play as quoted by sir Alex Ferguson there noisy neighbours and closest rivals Bredon, Tewkesbury Tigers under 10’s has now split into two team , gearing up for the their county cup tournament ( the Bengal and the Siberian tigers ) both teams are looking good and strong and Bredon would make for a great challenge and they did not dis-appoint .

Bredon 5-5 Tewkesbury
The game started with both sides showing their intent and both sides playing very good disciplined rugby. Bredon where ferocious in there rucking and Tewkesbury never took a step backwards in their defence . The match was very evenly balanced until some very good inter play by Tewkesbury saw them move the ball down the line for their flying speedster Brendon to avoid several tackles and make a great break drawing the last player and popping the ball to the ever present Charlie Kendrick to score in the corner. From kick off Bredon piled on the pressure running at Tewkesbury but Joe G and Sam Williams tackled and drove them back time after time as did Saun C , Ellis, Jack, Brendon and to be honest the rest of the team. But eventually the Bredon rucking paid dividends and they drove Tewkesbury back to grab a last minute try and tie the game.


Bredon 20-0 Tewkesbury
The score line to be fair did not reflect the game this was more even than it says, Bredon how ever did manage to do what Tewkesbury could not and finish off their chances. Tewkesbury on several occasions did cross the Bredon try line but great defence and ripping managed to stop them each time before they could ground the ball.


Bredon 5-10 Tewkesbury
This again was a great display of rugby but this time both sides competed for the ball at the break downs evenly, this is what Tewkesbury needed a team to give them a kick up the ass and make them compete and stand strong. Once again Tewkesbury struck first with Saun , Joe G , Sam and Henry making good strong runs dragging Bredons defenders in for Ellis and Charlie K to combine and ship the ball out wide to Sam Williams to weave and wind his way down the wing and score in the corner. The match went on with both sides defending and attacking with equal intensity but again Tewkesbury managed to win a truck and ship the ball quickly out wide for Brendon to shoot up the wing and score a lovely try of his own, Bredon then pressured Tewkesbury and with a well worked move of their own ran in a try to make the last minutes of the game very tense both teams dogged it out but a knock on by Bredon ended a very good contest.

Bredon 15-5 Tewkesbury
This to be fair this was once again a very close run contest with once again Tewkesbury beating on  Bredons door and once again being met by a great defence , credit to Bredon as other teams would have conceded to the pressure. Miles Rendell , Mason Rendell and  Harvey all had great runs at the opposition Tyler, Harry, William and Dan defended with passion but Bredon just used there over laps better and ran in 3 tries but Tewkesbury did manage a last ditched effort and finish off the game with a flourish as henry squeezed in the corner for a great try showing power and awareness.

All the players can hold their heads up high, on a cold wet miserable day they showed great maturity and the rugby by both teams was of a high standard for this age, well done, all the coaches especially this one is very proud of you all.

Mark Armstrong

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