We have water on the pitches and it couldn’t have come any sooner following the heatwave that has just hit the UK.   It has been just over a year since the Management Committee put together the proposal to install a borehole and irrigation system that would allow us to water our pitches to ensure we get them to the best playing surface we can, but importantly to do that we knew that given the amount of water needed it had to come from a sustainable source that would not impact on normal water supplies to the club or indeed the whole area.
Everyone on the MC has worked hard to make this happen, but it wouldn’t have happened without the financial support from The Enovert Trust who have been fantastic through the whole process with their help and guidance.  With their financial help we were able to drill the bore hole – luckily we hit a water source very quickly not hard in Tewkesbury and working with Davies Drilling we now have a fully operational bore hole that can pump up to 20,000 every day from our well, pumping system and 3 water tanks to see us through even the very driest of weather.  The completion of the irrigation system which was the second phase of this project also required financial support and it was the Summerfield Trust who very kindly supported our application for funding so that the project could be completed.
We want the very best we can get for our players, but we don’t intend to stop here we have more projects to come and have already applied for a number of grants for the next phase of our grounds development programme.
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