Matson 20-45 Tewkesbury
Tewkesbury on a very wet cold morning travelled to Matson for there final group 2 county cup match . We win this and we’re in the top 4 group . Matson as expected had some massive lads which put our lads in the pack under pressure. But we held strong on our ball and didn’t give away the ball , Matson did the same easily winning there ball . The difference was Tewkesbury’s backs and the pressure in defence . Second half saw Tewkesbury’s pack starting to get on top as Matson’s forwards tied . Great game great team effort great result .
All players where outstanding , Henry had the best game I’ve seen him play up to yet the other backs Alex, Charlie, Ben, Peachy, Miles and Jack were also brilliant with as always a master class performance from Brendan at full back with Ellis having a great game at scrum half and Sam leading the forwards who themselves worked their socks off to win the ball for the backs .

Trie scorers :- Alex 3, Charlie 2, Miles 1, Ben 2, Brendan 1

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