Well today saw us entertain what I would say is the best U12s side in Gloucestershire in Cinderford. The game was played over 4 quarters and was closer than we expected although the score did not reflect this.

1st Quarter

Tewkesbury  0 v Cinderford 20

The game started with Tewkesbury not quite awake and with Cinderford looking hungrier. Although Tewkesbury did very well at the breakdown Cinderford picked up two interception tries as Tewkesbury were attacking and scored two further tries with quick hands across their back.

2nd Quarter

Tewkesubry 0 v Cinderford 10

The second quarter started where the first had finished with Tewkesbury competing well in all aspects. But again Cinderford’s backs were too good and two further tries were scored by Cinderford. Tewkesbury battled on despite the score.

3rd Quarter

Tewkesbury 0 v Cinderford 5

The third quarter was a lot tighter with Tewkesbury taking Cinderford on with some good forwards and backs play.

4th Quarter

Tewkesbury 0 v Cinderford 30

By this time Tewkesbury had given their all and were now tiring rapidly with only one subsitute on the bench. Lots of missed tackles and not enough numbers at rucks saw Cinderford continue as before and scored some very good tries through their back and forwards.

We have played Cinderford every year and today taught us that the Tewkesbury boys are getting better despite the score and for that they must be proud of themselves. All the hard work is paying off and next year will see us go to the 15 man game in a relatively good place.

Well done Cinderford it is always a pleasure to play this fixture.

M.OM. Reece Turner (Players) and Liam Keen (Coaches)



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