It was a sunny afternoon when Tewkesbury hosted Cleve

This was our second game against them this season ( we won the 1st).

We had some big changes to the team due to injuries and newer players got to step up and start.

The game started quickly with both team driving forward making great tackles and fantastic runs.

The first try came for Cleve in the 1st half by a very strong forwards phase. (not converted)

The backs then moved the ball with great pace and runs from Ginge and Rats nearly got through.

Cleve pushed back but fantastic chase down tackles from Therza and Rats stopped then from getting a try.

Tewkesbury then got back on equal terms with a great run and hard fought try from second row Kayleigh Bartlett. (not converted)

In the second half the game remained very close with both teams hitting hard and causing injuries on both sides (non serious).

Scrum half Gemma Green put in a fantastic run but was caught just short of the line.

Cleve then came back hard and scored a great try and a beautiful conversion that most adults would miss.

Another try came but was not converted.

Kayleigh then made another great run but was caught short of the line.

Result 5-17 loss

The man of the match was Rats for amazing runs, tackles and 100% effort.

We are all looking forward to our next match with Cleve in april as we are now 1-1

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