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Tewkesbury Tigers has over 150 boys and girls, between the ages of 6 (year 2) through to 17/18 years of age, playing rugby every weekend during the season, with some of the older children taking part in midweek training sessions as well.   Each team has its own dedicated team of coaches, which will follow them through their rugby journey.  This approach leads to strong leadership and great teamwork between players and coaches. All our coaches are DBS checked and regularly take part in Gloucestershire RFU and England RFU training courses to further develop their knowledge and increase awareness of the game’s key safety elements.  Tewkesbury RFC an accredited England RFU and Gloucestershire RFU club and therefore operate within the RFU’s age-grade rugby programme which is based on the principles of player-centered, development driven, and competition supported. The wants and needs of our young players are our priority and we will put their enjoyment above all else to keep them enjoying the game for longer and into their adult years.

Boys and girls can join and play mixed rugby from as young as 6 (year 2) and will continue to be played up to and including U11 (year 6).  From U12 boys (Year 7) and girls do not play mixed rugby and will follow their own developmental path.  The RFU defines a child’s age group by the child’s age at midnight on 1 September.



Junior Teams


Mini Mixed U7 – U9


These groups play non-contact “tag” rugby. The main aim is to develop the basic skills such as passing the ball backward, catching a pass, running into space and of course, scoring tries. The players wear a belt with 2 velcro tags. A tackle is made when the opposition pulls one of the tags off the ball carriers belt and calls “tag”. There is no contact, tackling, scrums, line outs or kicking.

Junior Mixed U10 – U11


Mixed contact rugby includes girls and boys from age 8 (year 4).  This is where we introduce full tackles for the first time. The team sizes and the length of the game increases. More of the complexities of rucking, mauling, scrums and line outs are added each year, teams get bigger and so do the size of the pitches.

Boys U12 – U17


From the age of 11 (Year 7), the boys progress on their own. Their game evolves with each age group into a 15 a-side full-contact game, putting into practice all the skills and techniques they have learned through our development programme and progress to including kicking at goal, increased number of players in a scrum, uncontested lineout and lifts.

Girls U13, U15  U18


From the age of 11 (Year 7) the girls no longer play mixed rugby but progress on their own development path.   At Tewkesbury Tigers we have 3 teams and are always looking for new players whether you are new to the game or are moving from another club.  Find out more about Girls rugby

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