The bore hole drilling this week was a great success with us striking a water source by going down just 90 ft. Whilst it’s not difficult to strike water in Tewkesbury, you are never sure so hitting the right spot was really important for this project.

We started several years go with the investment in drainage into the training paddock in order that we could survive winter better and have the best training surface we can achieve. The next phase is to be able to irrigate in the summer months, but to do that we need a sustainable water source, without this we risk having either unplayable pitches or burdening the club with additional water costs per year as we would need to take directly from the mains supply.The borehole will enable us to extract water during these dry periods and keep the pitches watered so they have time to recover during summer are in a playable condition as we start the season.

Next steps are to lay the concrete pads that will take water tanks capable of storing something like 60,000 litres, as well as a small pump shed that will pump the water from the bore hole into the tanks that will ultimately feed into an irrigation system across the training pitch and beyond to the main pitch.

Once we have borehole and tanks in place we will be looking at the irrigation itself and getting 50,000 litres of water twice a week onto the training pitch and main pitch

Thanks to Davies Drilling and to Enovert community trust for their support.

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