If your new years resolution is to get fit then try something completely different and join us for our brand new Touch Rugby sessions starting on 9th January between 7.00 – 8.00pm and will take place every Tuesday until the end of the current season . Touch rugby is great fun and non-contact, a great way to develop movement skills and is easy to learn. Importantly it’s inclusive so you don’t need any prior experience and is open to all genders who are 18 and over.

Register your interest via the link below.

Our Touch Rugby sessions are free to all current members until the end of the current Season.

Anyone joining who is not currently a member will be offered two trial sessions.  If you would like to continue after your initial trial then all you need to do is join as a social member at just £20.00 (valid until 31st August 2024).  Membership will give you discount on all bar prices and access to all sorts of events.

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