Join in our Guinness Six Nations Prediction Competition.  The competition kicks off this weekend with the first match taking place at 2.15 pm on Saturday.  No entry fee and no prizes but lots of fun to see who can get closest.

The Rules

  • To predict the margin for each game in the Guinness 6 Nations 2021 competition.
  • Points will be added to each prediction depending on how close you are to the final score.
  • If you get a match score correct, no points will be added to your total.
  • For example, if you predict TEAM A to win by 1 point but they win by 2 points, you will score 1 point. If Team A lose by 2 points, you will score 3 points and so on.
  • At the end of the competition the winner will be the entrant with the lowest number of points scored..

Guide for entering your predictions  You need to predict what the points difference will be for each match. For instance, if you think England (as the home team) will beat Wales by 15 points you should enter +15 in the box.  

If you think Wales (as the away team) will beat England by 10 points you should enter -10.

If you think it will be a draw game, enter 0 in the box.

Your points are calculated by counting the difference between your predicted score and the actual score of each game.   An updated table will be published after each round of fixtures, on the Thursday after latest.

Closing date Saturday 6 February 12 noon

NOTE:  When you submit your entry form you will not receive an automatic copy of your entry.  We will forward a copy of your entry to you but you must complete your email address. 

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