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With the start of the 2020/2021 the RFU requires the re-registration of your child at Tewkesbury Tigers the season.  All players should be re-registered with the RFU within 45 days of the season starting. 

The RFU requires all age-grade players (Regulation 15) to re-register at their club before the start of every season. This re-registration must now be made by the parent (not the club) through the RFU online portal GMS (Game Management System).  GMS tracks the players’ rugby career from joining as a youngster, moving to different clubs right through to the adult game whether that should be community or professional!  

Parents of all existing players will have received an email from us via GMS with details of their username and a link to the GMS portal.  If you have not received this information please contact the club. 

When re-registering you will also be able to purchase a junior membership for 2020/2021 through GMS for this season using a credit/debit card.  However, if you would prefer to use an alternative method of payment please email us at .  The membership fees for the new season will be £75.00 and £60.00 for each sibling.  The discount for siblings will be applied within GMS automatically when you purchase a 20/21 membership for a junior player at the same time. As in previous years, you will receive two parent/guardian/carer social memberships. If you purchase a membership for a sibling at a later date the discount will not be applied through GMS.

As many of you know, we do like to provide each player with a new piece of kit  –  this season players will receive a pair of Akuma Shorts when a junior/sibling membership is purchased.  You can pre-order your shorts by selecting the size you need by clicking on the shorts image at the top right of this screen.     Please enter the names of your child and the team they will be playing in on the on the check-out page.   Your Akuma shorts will be issued on receipt of your membership payment with the Club. 

The new season will start on Sunday 20 September.  Our aim is to provide regular training sessions and Ready4Rugby which is an adapted form of the game so that the youngsters can continue to be part of the game. 

We recognise this is a big change for everyone and we will certainly provide the support you need to ensure your child is registered to play.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

EMAIL Note*:  We are aware of some technical issues with some emails leaving GMS not arriving in the recipient’s inbox.  Please check SPAM/JUNK email. To give the email the best chance of landing in the right place we ask you to go to the “Settings” in your own email account and add these three domain names to your “Safe Senders” list – some systems refer to this as a “Whitelist” or something similar:

(@)     (@)      (@)

Some systems require the @ symbol to be included as part of the address whilst others do not. If you are not sure how to do this, click here to find out more 

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