Match Fixtures 2021/2022 – Tewkesbury RFC

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Gloucestershire 2 North

Cheltenham Civil Service RFC v Tewkesbury 1st XV
Cheltenham Civil Service RFC
Tewkesbury 1st XV v Old Cryptains II
Tewkesbury RFC
Minchinhampton vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Tewkesbury RFC 1st XV v Newent II
Tewkesbury RFC
Norton vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Norton RFC
Tewkesbury 1st XV vs Cheltenham II
Tewkesbury RFC
Old Patesians II vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Old Patesians RFC
Tewkesbury 1st XV vs Painswick
Tewkesbury RFC
Stroud RFC II vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Stroud RFC
Westbury on Severn vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Westbury on Severn RFC
Tewkesbury 1st XV vs Bredon Star
Tewkesbury RFC
Old Cryptians II vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Old Cryptians
Tewkesbury 1st XV vs Minchinhampton
Tewkesbury RFC
Newent II vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Newent RFC
Tewkesbury 1st XV vs Norton
Tewkesbury RFC
Cheltenham II vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Cheltenham Tigers
Tewkesbury 1st XV vs Old Patesians II
Tewkesbury RFC
Painswick vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Painswick RFC
Tewkesbury 1st XV vs Stroud II
Tewkesbury RFC
Tewkesbury 1st XV vs Westbury on Severn
Tewkesbury RFC
Bredon Star vs Tewkesbury 1st XV
Bredon Star RFC
Tewkesbury RFC vs Cheltenham Civil Service RFC
Tewkesbury RFC

Gloucester & District 1

Tewkesbury II vs Ledbury II
Tewkesbury RFC
Longlevens II vs Tewkesbury II
Longlevens RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Cirencester II
Tewkesbury RFC
Spartans II vs Tewkesbury II
Spartans (Gloucester) RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Hucclecote II
Tewkesbury RFC
Bream II vs Tewkesbury II
Bream RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Cinderford III
Tewkesbury RFC
Gordon League II vs Tewkesbury II
Gordon League RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Old Richians II
Tewkesbury RFC
Tewkesbury RFC II vs Widden Old Boys II
Tewkesbury RFC
Berry Hill II vs Tewkesbury II
Berry Hill RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Longlevens II
Tewkesbury RFC
Cirencester II vs Tewkesbury II
Cirencester RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Spartans II
Tewkesbury RFC
Hucclecote II vs Tewkesbury II
Hucclecote RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Bream II
Tewkesbury RFC
Cinderford III vs Tewkesbury II
Cinderford RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Gordon League II
Tewkesbury RFC
Old Richians II vs Tewkesbury II
Old Richians RFC
Widden Old Boys II vs Tewkesbury II
Widden Old Boys RFC
Tewkesbury II vs Berry Hill II
Tewkesbury RFC
Ledbury II vs Tewkesbury II
Ledbury RFC
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